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What is future?

I really believe on this sentence, ''THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU DO TODAY'' Somehow future is made by us, either with out thoughts or there is some kind of connection between our mind and what will happen in future. Yes, I believe that everything starts from our mind. But we have to learn and we have to train our mind to know how react in future. If you ask anyone in the world, usually everyone knows the secret of success and usually most of the people know what will happen in future, how ever most of the time people accept that thought and they live with it until it happens in their life. Life teached us many things, If we understand how to react with matters and problems appearing in our life it might help us to create our future in a better way instead of dreaming - everything can come to truth by us! Its a good question, what is future... Future starts from us to the next generation who we are passing our information to them and as we see in public, I think future will be IT and software based which it makes the security different than today. How kids are growing up with social media and youtube, helps me to believe this matter more and easier.

Where is my future?

I believe my future is huge and soon enough I will get to what I am made for. Days and weeks I trained my mind and worked on my skills to make a better person out of my self for my tomorrow. Nothing will happen accidentally, Life teached me how to fight against problems and how to ask my visions. Everyone thinks that success that success is easy and it's buyable or easily reachable. No, Good things usually needs much more effort and more effort is not done by every person. This is how people start making the changes for tomorrows. In my opinion, people mostly live for their moments, and they fight to get the best of of everything for now, however I learned from my life to fight against the world and to be kind with the problems - learn how to solve them for a better tomorrow. The coolest part of Life is when some one lough at me and tells me I can't make it. I appreciate them from my bottom of heart because they are helping me actually to believe in my self more and to try harder to reach to my visions.My future will be huge, because I trained my mind and and increase the quality of my mind by not just dreaming good, instead working and learning hard!

by Ehsan Hashemi