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Ehsan Hashemi is, 
A professional Expert, Certified and self studied General manager at HMi GmbH (HMi Group) in Germany.
Nice, Lucky, Kind, Emotional,  Positive, 
People person, natural leader, excellent communicator, best seller and presenter, Expert at kitchen, highly organised, Skilful, honest and technical guy with many skills.

Im proud to say that im Persian (Iranian), but I born and grown up in Dubai, educated, experienced and trained in Germany.

I born on 22.02.1992

January 2012 I moved to Germany to continue my studies.

I was born in Dubai, grown up in Dubai, and on age 19 I travelled to UK-London to study International Low, but after awhile I changed my mind and moved to Germany.

I finished my school in Dubai with Science & Biology Diploma, and got scholarship offer from a university in Dubai and started directly ”Business management”, After 6 months I left Dubai for my new destination in UK however UK was not my final destination and after a while I left UK and went to Germany to study German Language and then Sound Engineering as Hobby.
After finishing and getting my Diploma, I started doing courses in different fields.

  • Cooking and Kitchen Master
  • Management and Marketing
  • Online Advertising and marketing

I own a marketing and IT company in Germany since 2018.
I developed my business to IT, Digital marketing and Printing to enter bigger market of business locally and internationally.

No, Usually everyone does that. But unfurtuanatlly not. As my main job in that time was something else.
I was owning a Italian Restaurant with an age of 24-25 but because of not being sure about my future I was always worried what field shall I stay and continue.

My future is absoloutly amazing.
I worked a lot on my todays life for a better future. I don’t like to speak any more about my self, how ever this website is created for explaining my self but let prove who er are before saying anything.

I really love Germany, who ever I am, who ever I became it happened in Germany, but Dubai is my home and I like to live off curse there, how every without Germany is also kind of impossible.

Off curse I have to say very bad and sad for people.
However great from my eyes, as we had many lockdowns in last years it helped me to study and develop my business in a right way.
The most thing that I hate in the world is war and fight between countries for power and money, but what else can I say. It has to be in this way, If there will be no wars, then what will happen to guns and tanks.

Sport is definitely Football and my favourite computer game is Battlefield/ Call of duty.

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